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What Makes Cambridge University Ranked No. 1 in the UK?

February 6th, 2014

Choosing a university is one of the most important decisions you will make as your choice will impact the rest of your life. When it comes to choosing the perfect one, Cambridge, the number 1 ranked university in the United Kingdom, offers you everything that a university should from high entry standards and graduate prospects to low student-staff ratios, and high degree completion rates you can count on for the long run. This article contains some valuable information that points out key factors as to why it is ranked number one.


Entry Standards Make Cambridge University No. 1


The entry standards at Cambridge University ensure that only the most successful students are admitted. Cambridge requires, in most cases, that student have three A grades in letter-graded courses, written work submission or a sit test, and likely an interview. But Cambridge does not discriminate solely based on grades, and the university takes pride in making an assessment of the individual students that apply.


Teaching and Research Standards that Make Cambridge University No. 1


Teaching standards are one of the most important indicators of success and rank for a university. Cambridge prides itself on being a leader in teaching and research excellence. Furthermore, students at Cambridge University are routinely supervised and provided small-group tutorials by senior members of the university staff. Cambridge University staff, in addition to being excellent mentors, also produce the highest proportions of university-based research findings in the United Kingdom. As recently as 2008, reports indicated that more than 70 per cent of staff at Cambridge produced research that was recognised on an international level. In fact, 89 winners of the Nobel Prize are graduates of Cambridge University.


Library and Digital Offerings Make Cambridge University No. 1


Cambridge University makes it easy for students to study around the clock and gain access to the texts they need to be successful in their studies. As a copyright library, the university library on the Cambridge University campus receives copies of every book published in Great Britain, and the university provides additional library facilities within every college to facility maximum learning. Computer suites are also available at every college, allowing students to do work or check email around the clock.


An Emphasis on Studies Makes Cambridge University No. 1


Cambridge University focuses on spending their budget towards improving the learning experience for students. The more than 800-year-old university is constantly working to update facilities for student and campus accommodations and research to improve the living and learning environment. The importance of the learning environment is also present in university’s discouragement of part-time work for students during the term when they should be focused on studies. The University is known for having one of the highest employment rates for graduates recorded at universities throughout the United Kingdom, likely because of their focus on the learning and living environments.


Going to a top university is a dream that students throughout the United Kingdom, just like you, wish to attain every day. What do you think of the university’s policies and how they could positively impact your education over the long run?