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Why Choose A Medical Negligence Law University Course

February 19th, 2014

Law University Studying law is all good and well but the more important question is what type of law is the best to study. Studying law can open up minds to the judicial system of the law. It allows you to strengthen your understanding of how people and the law works and deepen your thinking of society and the connection with law. Law often appeals to people who can think outside the box and can create solutions as well as using knowledge gained up on to problem solve. Law is an ever changing subject constantly adapting to meet the needs of an evolving society. Social sciences can be explored along with humanities to evaluate a connection with the law. It offers people a chance to study such a diverse range of issues that take place every day. Many subjects are often have static boarders and do not allow any movement in to other subjects law on the other had can be attached to every part of life it permeates into society on different levels. It does not just restrain the studier to progress on to law jobs such as barristers or solicitors but allows people to take on jobs in many sectors as it has the ability to show strong employability.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence seems to be on an ever increasing rise with more and more hospital being sued. Last year the NHS paid out a staggering 15.7bn on cases connected with medical negligence.  The claim culture is said to be closely connected with solicitors offering an agreement contract of No win No fee. This allows people wanting to make a claim at no financial risk to themselves as if the case is lost  they are liable for no costs, so in laymen’s terms they have nothing to lose. This has a greater advantage for solicitors as they are inundated and bombarded with potential clients wanting to make claims. With solicitors having so many cases to choice from they only pick the winning cases. Legal fees in recent years have soared so it makes medical law seem quite attractive to those people wanting to study law. Working for one of the top medical negligence claims solicitors such as can be a job that has a potential future as law will always apply to the medical industry. Recently Google has witnessed, excuse the pun, over 3,600 searches with the term medical negligence. A third of NHS payouts actually are to cover law fees and the client themselves do not get this money.