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The Top 10 Medical Research Universities

February 9th, 2014

It’s no secret: if you want to be a doctor and you want to be successful (not paying off student loans for the next 50 years because your job does not pay enough) then you have to choose the right medical school. But they’re all the same right? Every medical school teaches the same laws, ethics, and standards, true, but the quality of the education and training you’ll receive, and the reputation of the college and how it will impact your life and your career path, are all things that you must think about before sending out your applications to the nearest medical school. The most recently reviewed top 10 medical research universities in the world are spread far and wide, but it is clear that schools in the United Kingdom are making their mark on medical research.



1.University of Oxford is the number 1 medical research university in the world because of its high standards for teaching and academic excellence. Other features of the university that make it attractive are its international appeal and impact, the fact that it is one of the highest producing industry income favorites in the world, and that it focuses on generating research and research outcomes. Website here

2.Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States of America, has the largest financial endowment bestowed upon any university worldwide. While the university does not generate industry income in the field of medical research it does provide a significant amount of credibility and input into medical research.

3.Imperial College London is focused on research but has a broader field of study than other universities, allowing students to better understand medicine, natural sciences, business, and engineering.

4.University of Cambridge is perhaps one of the most oft cited universities in the world when it comes to medical research.

5.Johns Hopkins has an eye on the future of international research with campuses in Italy, China, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and other locations. The university also generates the highest industry income.

6.Stanford University is nearly as selective as Harvard, accepting only seven per cent of its applicants, and its medical program focuses on health, clinical, and pre-clinical research.

7.University College London is famous for being the first university in Britain to allow women equal entry status, and has a high aptitude for teaching in clinical and pre-clinical medicines and research.

8.Yale University produces some of the most cited medical research in the world and has a heavy emphasis on teaching with alum including five former U.S. Presidents.

9.University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is more than just a school for those who want to run the movie business. It’s medical research program is held in high regard worldwide and its emphasis on teaching and research make it a top 10 school.

10.Duke University grew from humble roots into one of the leaders in generating industry income and citable research.

What do you think of the world’s top 10 medical research schools? Where would you go to study at?