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The Top Ten Universities in the United Kingdom

February 6th, 2014

If you’re considering furthering your education and are going to be completing your college course soon, then it is time to start hunting for the best university to study at. Of course, it all depends on the final grades of your college course, and if your application is successful. This article contains a list of the top 10 universities that are inside the UK. All are excellent options to consider when applying for a university within the UK.


Cambridge University comes in at number one. Students who apply there though need to ensure that they are prepared for the all work, no play attitude! In fact, most of the conditional offers that are made by the colleges require A*AA in no less than three A level subjects Colleges are allowed to have the discretion to make offers that are non-standard where they feel it is appropriate, when they have conducted their assessment of applicants. All those whom apply may be required to submit some written work, or to perform a test. Also, you should be prepared for an extensive interview as the university also interviews all candidates who apply there.


Oxford University is in second place, and well, you will probably already know that it is,in fact, the oldest university, in the English-speaking world.  Education can be dated back to the faculty all the way from 1096. They are able to boast a whole host of successful students that graduated there, including thirty international leaders, an amazing twenty six British Prime Ministers, twenty six Nobel Prize peace winners, twelve saints, six kings and twenty archbishops of Canterbury. Need we go on?!   You really have to be a high graded student to consider getting an offer to study there. And if you do, well who knows, perhaps you can be the next prime minister!


London School of Economics is number three on the list. The establishment was founded back in 1895. To enter they encourage applicants with very high academic potential and are not biased, or do not take into consideration your background. There is certainly no shoulder rubbing when getting into this university! You will, however, need a few A stars and very high graded GCSEs.


Imperial College London established in 1907, this fine UK establishment comes in at number four. And that is clearly not without a reason. The university used to be associated to The University of London, but back in 2007 on their 100th anniversary, the University broke free and became an independent establishment. It is a famous university for those that are familiar with medicine, because they were behind the breakthrough for Penicillin.


Durham ranks number 5, and has been running since back in 1832. The third eldest university on UK soil, after Oxford and Cambridge. In 1987, the Cathedral and Castle close by to the site of the university became known as a world heritage site. Their application process is varied, and you should visit their website to read more.


Number 6, St Andrews Located in Scotland.  The university was opened in 1413. As you can imagine the walls within have seen a lot of comings and goings! There is actually no campus onsite, so you must consider this before applying!


University College London ranks number 7. It was established back in 1826 and was the very first UK University to openly admit any one regardless of religion, race or class. A fine university, that is well worth considering.

Warwick is number 8 on the list, and back in 1965, they were awarded a Royal Charter of Cooperation. Located between Coventry, and the border of Warwickshire, the university is a great place to study at. They offer a lot more info about admissions on their website.


Bath ranks number 9 in the UK. Back in 1966, the university was given a royal charter. They also have a £35 million sports training facility on site.


Exeter is last but not least. Founded in
1855, they have come a long way since then. They boast three campuses. Those are, St Luke’s Campus, Cornwall Campus and of course Stratham Campus.

So there you have it folks! The leading ten universities in the UK.

Are you applying for university placements, or have just studied at one of the above establishments? If so, why not let us know.