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The Benefits of Studying At University

February 6th, 2014

If you are considering studying at a university, and are still just ‘thinking’ because the costs and other factors have you in a state of panic, this article should just about convince you that you should go ahead and pack your bags to go off to university. As you will read, the benefits far out weight the negatives.

First up, studying at uni will make sure that you will have a solid educational background, which will of course stick with you well beyond your campus days. The whole lifestyle that you will live at uni is a very large reward and of course, a challenge too. It doesn’t really matter what subject area you choose, the very chance to be able to settle into university life will give you discipline and determination to stick at your career later on in life. You will meet friends who will be with you for life, get the chance to be able to explore new sports and activities that are happening about the university campus when you are not studying and in lectures, and of course, you will learn how to live outside of your parents’ home! This is something that will help you a lot with being independent in life.

Not Like School!

Many think that university is like being at school, and that’s why they opt out. It is so not like school. First up, you choose to go there; the tutors treat you like an adult, and there is not really any kind of interference from teachers, unless you start to clown around and your grades or papers are suffering. There are also a lot more choices that you can choose than is on offer in UK schools. You study in your own time and choose which subject areas that you want to mix. There will be a lot of courses on offer, all of which will be able to help you progress into your chosen field.

Getting a Job Is Easier

In fact, it is almost a dead cert. When you leave university with your qualification, and have a few great marketing skills to be able to ‘sell yourself’ to potential employees, then you will be able to get a job with a lot more ease than those that haven’t got qualifications under their belt. You will also be in a position to snap up some great paying salaries. The whole uni process kind of grooms and prepares you for a working environment because you will get used to working in teams, getting up at a fixed time, and of course being able to hand in work meeting deadlines. These are all great skills to take to work with you.

Other Facts about Students who Study At University

Those whom graduate at a university are a lot less likely to smoke cigarettes, get fat, and become depressed. They also have a higher chance of participating in elections as they consider the government an important factor in their well-being, and will also ensure that the path is paved for their own children to study at university.  A uni graduate will also earn a whopping £400,000 more in a lifetime than someone who doesn’t graduate.
So, there you go great reasons to avoid excusing yourself from studying at university. Did you study at university, and have a great story to tell? Why not comment below?